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The objective is simple: Hyper-target individual consumers most likely to engage and respond to significantly increase response and conversion, ensure scalability, and increase ROI.


A leading retail mortgage banking firm was looking to launch a consumer direct division across their licensed states.


The mortgage banking firm had been looking for a way to maximize their marketing budget and in turn lower their 'marketing cost per funded loan' rates. In order to measurably increase campaign results, the client engaged NexLevel Direct to hyper-target the individual consumers who best fit the mortgage banking firms custom target profile, (credit, behaviors, attitudes) and who were statistically validated to have the highest likelihood to engage and convert in a cash-out refinance offering.  



NexLevel Direct worked with the mortgage banking firm to define the custom target profile most profitable for cash-out refinance lead generation. The profile comprised four key components: Customer Data (Behavioral Data), Credit Criteria, Real Estate/Market Data, and Attitudinal Modeling.

Using our proprietary targeting technology, individual consumers were identified who best fit the brand's target profile as most likely to respond to a family focused cash-out refinance offering. Utilizing turn-key fulfillment, NexLevel Direct then executed an omni-channel direct mail, warm lead transfer, digital campaign at the PII level to consumers in the mortgage banking firms license states.



Targeted consumers who received a cash-out offer and subsequent follow-up call delivered cost per close loan acquisition metrics significantly below market averages.

In the final selected target group, cost per close loan metrics (CPA) were as low as $600 compared with historical market averages of over $1,500 CPA.


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